Monday, February 26, 2018

We Were Meant.

        I used to have so much to say. Now I'm silent. I am presently living my life the best way I can. There isn't a manual for living, so I'm working it out as I go. There is good and there is bad, but I've done well with filling my life with those that make me happy. I fill my life with positivity, and yet, what has always been inside me still lies underneath. It's waiting for me. My plan is to leave it standing alone altogether. Forever behind me.

Forever behind me.

        Isn't that the most difficult task? As much as you want to leave your dead things behind, they always seem to find themselves nipping at your heals. I don't think they are supposed to go away. In fact, I don't think life would be better for you if they did. I think the sunshine wouldn't mean much to you that way. I think that life is learning to live with the dead and move towards life...until you are a dead thing in another's life.

We were meant to live, and to smile, and to grieve, and to suffer, and to love.  Until we have a grip on all off those things, we cannot be whole.


Thanks for reading...Z