Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Who Are We?


      We are only vagrants passing through. You take a look at the world and where it's been and where it seems to be going, and it kind of gives you a perspective as to what you really are. To each individual person, we are these amazingly complex and unforgettable people. You me, no one has ever been me or could share the same past or present. Yet to history, we were barely here. If you didn't do something historically terrible or historically wonderful, you were just another fish fly that was just passing from the last to the next for a day. It's a disastrous thought really. It's sickening to think that we don't actually matter.

    All of the things that happened to us that mean so much to us. All of the people and moments that we would die to preserve. The moment you realized your friend was no longer just your friend...but your family. The moment you looked into your date's eyes and knew she would be your wife. The moment your kid's breath blew hot onto your face as they were sleeping on your chest. These are the moments that make life absolutely beautiful, but we are a blip on the radar of what has and what will be. It's a really terrible thought if you don't believe that God has made you for a specific purpose. If you believe it is just another day closer to ultimate death, then I feel for you.

     I don't think that's the case. I believe we affect the future. I believe that because of me and my wife, my kids will love their kids more than their own lives. Then those kids will carry our love to the next and the next. I believe God loves all of us individually.

     He loves even if you are a screw up. He loves when you do everything by the book. God loves absolutely everyone.

    People who are religious sometimes get too caught up in their religion and forget the point of what Jesus was. He died. He actually bled actual blood for the worst sinner you can think of. His forgiveness and grace is the entire point of why He was a Savior.

     I needed a savior more than many. I needed a savior to save me from myself. I needed a savior to lead me through very dark times that I couldn't see my way through. I need a Savior this very moment to lead me to where He is.

     I think the world is full of hatred. I think we can all agree. I think America is particularly spoiled. I think American religion has at least partly, lost it's way. We judge good from evil. We label everyone according to our own standards. We think politically instead of spiritually. I think we should be something different.

     I think we should be students of learning. I think that we should work on being educated. I think we should be spiritual. I think we should work on being educated scientifically. I think we should educate ourselves spiritually. I think that we should work on actual tolerance...not the tolerance that's based on hating the intolerant. I think we should think. I think we should care. I think that we should let God do the judgement and focus on your own house.

Migrate. T

Thanks for reading...Z