Sunday, November 16, 2014


There are so many people. We pass people every day and never even notice their existence. How sad is it that no one notices that you are alive. I think that is why people like me write and post on social media. The same for those that take selfies and troll for the anger in people. We all want to be recognized as something different. We want to stand out and be noticed. It really is a simple concept of human need. We need to be acknowledged.

We need a reminder that we aren't just breathing, but also affecting the breathing of someone else. Some want to see goodness come from others and others want to see the worst.

I've learned something as a nurse. Some people want to kill your insides. Many are so sick that terrorizing the very people keeping them alive is the only control they get to have. They are awful sometimes and you want to give up. I want to give up sometimes. I often wonder if I made a good choice in being a nurse. I didn't know that so many would disrespect the people that keep their hearts beating end up covered in their body fluids.

I am a man.

I have an ego.

I respect myself.


I have compassion.

I want to understand.

I want to actually help you

I want to be noticed too, like everyone else. The problem is that most of our good deeds are done in private. I had a patient berate and curse me, then while gasping for air, ask for help from me. Then I realized that people react to situations differently when in fear. Fear makes some hate others and react in anger. Fear can also produce sincerity and vulnerability.

For some, both at the same time. This makes it easy for others to forget that we are all human. When I am in pain, I forget anyone around me and focus on myself. In consequence, I will forget that people are serving me and want me to be well and happy.

To forget that the people you see everyday or that serve you is the same as presenting yourself as better than them.

We all live and we all die. Treat everyone with love.


Thanks for reading...Z