Friday, January 31, 2014

The Beauty in the Battle

When did life stop being about the hard work you put into it? It just isn't valued by many anymore. When the wind hits your face, we want to retreat. This is common to every person, but it doesn't mean you retreat. Things get hard. Life gets hard. No one should have ever promised you different. Rich or poor, sick or well, life gets hard for us all. It is equally hard. The poor may think the rich have nothing to complain about, yet the middle to upper class white man is at the greatest risk for suicide. The rich think the the poor have it made, not having to deal with all of these decisions. They just have to accept the hand-outs. Meanwhile, the poor are standing in lines applying for things they will get rejected the first three times they apply, even though they qualify. They will try to figure out a way to pay the rent AND feed their children.

It doesn't matter who is against the wind, it will blow when it blows. We are in this together. We all get covered in whatever the wind blows on us. We all face the earth together and fistfuls of dirt is no different than fistfuls of money.

We are separated by one thing...our pride. Some choose to ask for help and others don't. Help is always near. The issue is with the whether the person is willing to ask for it.

I was always taught, both in words and deeds, that you face what the world throws at you and keep moving forward. Some things are going to be harder than others. You are going to want to quit...don't. When the going gets tough, you shout at it as loud as you can and run toward it. When life hands you lemons throw them back and pursue the one that threw them. You fight until you can't stand, then you get back up and keep fighting. You never, ever, ever give up for any reason. If there is something you want in life, you fight for it. You put in the hard work for however long and you will end up with your obstacles under your feet.

Our culture seems to feel differently. We seem to want what we don't deserve and demand what others have worked for.

The saddest part is that these people don't understand the beauty they are missing in the battle.


Thanks for reading...Z