Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hiding in the Garden of Eden

The same David that slayed the Great Goliath, is the same David that murdered a man over the lust for his wife. This great man, who won the respect and admiration of an entire nation, found a way to corrupt himself and fall into the dark pit of sin. David was a real person. It's hard to see the person inside of these huge Bible stories, but in David's case, it's not so hard. He made human mistakes that granted him very human consequences. The point is; How did He get from one to the other: hero to villain. There is a saying that, "Every hero, within a given amount of time will become the villain." I hate that this is mostly true, but the humanity is consistent. People mess up because we are people, no matter what title we achieve. The Pope is still some guy and the person that takes your order is still some difference. People are people that make equal mistakes.

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were naked, really could be seen also as a metaphor for purity and innocence. Adam and Eve mess up for the first time in all of history and the world changes instantly. Adam begins to panic and run. They hide from God. They cover themselves, which only covers their innocence. From there, God makes it more difficult to obey Him. God curses disobedience. God is perfect and cannot live in imperfection.

So God sends Jesus, the Messiah. The Savior of our sin and imperfection. He dies and raises again with our disobedience all over Himself.

Now we still sin. God still requires perfection. Jesus paid for our sin. We are perfect. We stand before God in perfection.

Why is it then, that we continue to look for fig leaves when we sin? We run and try to hide, pretending to ourselves that we are invisible from our Maker. We think as if we are in that garden, hiding from a walking God. We are in the world. hiding from an ever present God. He has always seen and been present in everything. We cannot hide. Hiding leads to more sin and mistakes. Coming clean leads back to life.


 Thanks for reading...Z