Saturday, June 22, 2013

I Like...

A list of things I like to do, but don't tell people I do.

I like to visit houses I used to live in, pretty regularly.

I like to smell everything.

I like to listen to other people's conversations when I am eating alone and respond as if I were in the conversation. A few times I have responded out loud.

I like to start writing projects knowing full well I won't finish them.

I like to give people nicknames, including myself who I have given many to.

I like to do things that people would find weird if they were watching me on television. For example, I once faked being a bird catcher and was hired to remove some of them from the drop ceiling of a video store. My brother and I used rubber kitchen gloves, a harmonica, a fly swatter, and two pillow cases. We removed the birds, but turned the video store upside down and filled the floor with bird crap in the process. The video store gave us $250 in free video rentals.

I like to change my appearance as often as possible, although lately due to work constraints that I did not previously have, I have shown restraint.

I like to think of the most horrific thing in the world that could happen to me and try to make myself cry. If I succeed, I will go look at myself in the mirror.

I like to look at people in their cars as I pass them. I will rarely abstain from this activity.

I like to be freezing cold.

I like to tell strangers really personal things about myself. ( As you well know by now)

Also, I really love pizza with pepperonis that curl up like little bowls of grease.