Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Need For Prayer

It was never about the lions. The lions are always hungry. It was about a story between God and Daniel.

 Guns are really popular. Guns right now are either angels or demons to people. People everywhere are talking about gun laws and freedoms. There is an outcry on both sides of the coin. However, we see a similar situation, except way worse in the Bible.

Before Christians take arms to fight, as some are threatening, take note of Daniel's response in Daniel 6. He was stripped of his right to pray to his God. The real God. He was told he would be killed if he did so and he did anyway. He didn't hold up a picket sign or march on the Roman capitol. He didn't make a fuss, he simply did as he thought was right in the face of death. They sent him to the lions den and he was unharmed. Those that accused him were then sent and killed immediately...

God is powerful and will shut the mouths of lions if He chooses. We are nothing. We are powerless. We should stop believing otherwise as far as our state of living is concerned. God is in control. Things happen that we consider bad or unjust, yet we do the opposite of Daniel. We fight. We whine. We cry about freedoms.

We are not given freedoms apart from the freedom of God. Neither was Daniel. Did he cry about it and scream about freedom entitlements? No, He just kept praying. The answer is prayer.

Just pray.

Get alone in the house with God and pray. You cannot overthrow the government when  things get voted against you. You are powerless...and that is where God wants us. We need to rely on Him and pray. Submit.


Thanks for reading...Z