Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Politically Correct Christian

Does your heart delight in what it finds presently inhabiting it? I think that the world sucks. I think that people are horrible and things happen that make us all gasp. These incidences are isolated, but they do paint a picture of what the human being is capable of right now, right here. It is so easy to give up. It is so easy to let the little things like politics and religion (or lack of) send you to the brink of consciously making the decision not to care. This is important because many make the mistake of believing the lie that we have no choice when we feel overwhelmed with frustration, to throw up our hands and live a quiet and silent Christian life. This isn't the truth. It is when we meet resistance that we examine our own faith and either realize you have been wrong all along and walk away from lies, or get fortified with a renewed knowledge that others do not have and truly need.

People don't like the concept of Jesus, much less the idea that He really existed, even much more less, the idea that He was who He said He was. People naturally, in defense turn against the very thought, because they are conditioned to. Then they think of the most PC argument against Jesus that they can find and go with that one because they know it will get them help from other people who are afraid of the truth. They strike out and the meek are silenced. But should we be? Should we be quiet because people don't like our views? Are our views less valid? Politically, they truly are. However, when measured against science, the very people that get so angered have nothing to stand on. We have science. We have something observed and repeated throughout the ages. We have love. We need not embrace anger and hate. We need not argue all night. We need not defend our faith. We need only present love. If it is a lie, love will not be found. God is love. God is in everything. God is real.