Friday, June 1, 2012

Class or Trash

What is class? What makes a person classy or a person trash? I get the picture. I get what people are talking about. But I have often heard people who fulfill the same categories of trash call another person trash. Is the difference between the two, your response to your guest having to use the bathroom which is not downstairs where you are? Does the classy person say "Upstairs, second door to your right?" Does the trash say "The laundry tub is  self cleaning, just run the water for a minute after." I don't think the difference lies in either. I think the difference is found in the reaction of the host. Today at a restaurant, this woman dropped her kid's jacket from her table without noticing. There was a lot of traffic, so I immediately was concerned the jacket would be kicked along and get lost. I watched this woman look down and watch it happen, just an arm reach away and think for a moment. She went back to eating and disregarded the jacket. I picked it up and gave it back to the mother of it's owner. I was annoyed that something as simple as notifying a person of a fallen jacket was too much work for the not so classy woman sitting right next to her.

Also today, I was driving, which brings me anxiety, and a guy pulled into traffic without watching and ran me off the road and almost onto a ditch. I got back on the road and sped up a little to give the guy a somewhat dirty, contrived look and got a glance at this teenager with his girlfriend. Of course. Of course it was some punk teenager. He sped up and got next to me and rolled down his window. I was ready to exchange words. I was angry. He said this....What nerve of him to say this: "I'm so sorry. I wasn't paying attention." I waved back and said it was OK, and thanks for that. He had class. He admitted his mistake in humility, while me, being classless was staring him down. Perfect. Perfect lesson from God to stop being such an idiot. The difference between class and trash is how we treat people....period.


Thanks for reading...Z