Sunday, May 13, 2012


The theater I used to work in had a slogan that was shown before every movie. It said "Silence is Golden." It was just a reminder that people did not swish to be disturbed during their 2 hours of escape from life. People have such a hard time escaping reality when it keeps biting at them through the mouths of two teenagers skipping school to see Twilight. Point is, sometimes we need to escape from something. We don't need to run, that's a different thing altogether. I mean to escape the rigors of Tuesday at 2:00 PM when someone you count on calls off and leaves you their business to deal with. Life when you have been driving all day for work and have to fight the commuter traffic on the way home for another hour. Like when everything keeps spinning and you easily forget which direction you are pointed in. This is the time that we rest our eyes against the darkness of our eyelids and take a deep breath, breathing in from the belly, not the chest. Take some time and be silent. Let your mind speak to God in the safety of that very special quiet place. Stand out in the snow alone and let if drop onto your coat and watch it sink in. Let the rain drool your product onto your forehead, forgetting about what your appearance will be when you step back through those doors. Stop and remember that life is much, much more than today. God is huge and these days are nothing. Remember that life is to be lived with a mission and not just mundane existing.