Thursday, March 29, 2012

Always Talking

Ever thought to yourself when a person is talking, "What does that even mean?" People talk a lot. Some people more than others. Some people, when talking, makes us want to vomit on their faces...for no good reason. They mean well enough, it's just that they will never shut up. They drank a gallon of warm milk that morning and like to talk 5 inches from your face and you got like 4 hours of sleep because of a false alarm 911 call from your great grandmother Myrtle, who lives in Florida, but sends you Michigan postcards from Florida. Things don't always feel right. Patience is something to be achieved through long suffering.

At my current place of business, people want what they want and nothing else. The Dr. wants the little people to tell him he has cured the sick person, even if he hasn't. The nurse wants to believe they were the difference between life and death because they really do run the joint. The aid wants to believe they are doing everything the nurse does with less pay. In the end, the attitude of the person poisons the entire batch.

As humans we do a lot of talking. We complain and let our pride decipher who we are gonna be. Maybe we should stop deciding who we are gonna be and let God. Consider??? I am.


Thanks for reading. - Z