Tuesday, February 28, 2012


What does a real human being look like? Sometimes it is hard to find one. Sometimes is seems like I find one in a day, which is crazy, although I may be wrong about my judgement of flesh vs. robot. We are a conditioned society. In many ways what atheists say is true, we are very often a product of who raised us. I can tell you that I was raised in church and most atheists would tell me that is why I am a Christian...because my rebellion phase naturally ended and I reverted back to what I had been taught in my childhood. However predictable your life may be, there are always the unexplained events. I may have been conditioned to look to Christ, however, I was not conditioned to reject Him and try to commit suicide. In fact I was conditioned to believe that was a ticket to hell. I was conditioned to believe that bad things come to those that do bad things, well I did bad things and because of God's grace, I got everything I have ever wanted out of life. There literally is nothing I desire that I do not have. What conditioning did that?

I went to church my whole life and if you had asked me the single most hated thing in my life, it would not be my heartbreak from a girl. It would not be my dad that left me. It would not be the people who disappointed me. It would be church/God. It would be the people that looked at me from above their glasses when my girlfriend got pregnant by me. I found my refuge in those that were disenchanted by the actions of "God's people." There is no conditioning for that. My life is a direct reflection of the work of God. I would have rather followed a lemming than to follow Jesus, but the story ends how it does and I am found following my God...who is real...and doesn't care how you were taught to believe.


Thanks for reading...Z