Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Quick Post About Irresistable Things

Trying to kill the pounds I put on during nursing school. During my dieting, I have noticed a few things that are irresistible to me if placed in front of me. Not talking about things I miss or love to eat, but things that cause an inner battle and usually beats me into submission.

1. Pizza. I would eat pizza everyday if I could.
2. Chocolate covered Hostess donuts.
3. Soft chocolate chip cookies.
3. Parmesan Cheese-Its
4. Smokehouse almonds (This isn't too bad if you can only eat a small palm full, which I can't)
5. M&Ms
6. Skittles
7. McDonald's fries
8. Cookie Dough frosty
9. Anything at DQ

That was a short list of things that punch me with brass knuckles whenever I have been doing really well on a diet.


Thanks for reading...Z