Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day Two

Day two started where day one left off. Laura woke up yelling with the shriek that could have deafened Keith Richards. "Adam, breakfast ends in 15 minutes!" "It's your fault!" she had asked me earlier what time it was and I mumbled about not knowing and went back to sleep. This was the fault she was referring to. We jumped up to throw on our clothes in a panic because we needed to eat the paid for already breakfast because food is expensive here. As we rushed to get our clothes on, a coy "Whoops." comes from the kitchen. Laura had taken a second look at her phone and realized that her wooden eyes had seen the time wrong when she woke us in a fright. It was actually more than two hours earlier. We laughed a little. She apologized a little, and we all went back to sleep and did make it to breakfast a couple hours later.

From there the day went better. We went to the beach on the Atlantic side and despite my past vows to never step into a sharks house, I went right in. Walked all the way to the surfers where the waves were "Sick" and got my first face, eyes, and mouth full of pure Atlantic salt water. It was a bit saltier than I had imagined and definitely burns the eyes more than they let on in the movies. I was proud to be in the water. My son, who is also very hesitant to get eaten by a shark, also went in to his waist and spent all day belly boarding the waves back and forth. I was so proud of him.

On a bright redder note...Laura told me 80 times to put on sunscreen as "It is worse when it is overcast." well it is and I am cooked. We had a really nice time today and ended the day with a night swim and some Micky Ding Dongs. Going to Universal Studios tomorrow.


Thanks for reading. - Z