Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day Three

Day three was hot. Melting, burning, sitting on the equator hot. Sweat mixed with two layers of sunscreen hot. Get dizzy and have to sit down hot. But so good.

Got up at 5:45 AM to eat breakfast with Mickey Mouse, who is delightful in person by the way. Went straight from there to Universal Studios on a free pass from my aunt and uncle, so thanks to them. Went on the Twister ride first. Caeden is obsessed and terrified with tornados, but really wanted to give it a try because he loves that movie. It was far more intense than anticipated. End game was two balling kids, but the getting there was one of the coolest shows of special effects I have ever seen. It really did feel like you were in a tornado. We got out of there quickly when it was over and went to the Simpson's ride to ease the nerves. That ride is so fun. The kids were cracking up during it and it even scared Laura a bit. They somehow manage to make you feel like you are on a roller coaster even when you aren't moving much.

Many sweating hours later, we find ourselves in the line for the Harry Potter ride the whole park has been talking about. Just Caeden and I on this one as Laura took the too short Aevry to the Dr. Seuss park. Once we got inside the enormous and detailed castle (Hogwarts), the details shined brighter than anything I've seen. The paintings spoke to each other in videos that looked seriously human. The newspapers laying on the coffee tables had video front pages, and the the Butter Beer was unique and addictive. The ride itself scared the crap out of Caeden, but I thought it was the best the park has to offer. If it weren't for the heat and the long line outside, I would have ridden it again. Finished the night at Cici's pizza.

Tomorrow is Pirates Cove, outlets, and Sweet Tomatoes. Maybe some pool time, I don't know...if we have time.


Thanks for reading. - Z