Friday, August 19, 2011

Day One

Day one. Not awesome. Florida has way too many people. Way too many by far. In their defense I woke up wrong this morning, just a nasty, foul mood. Plane was broken once we got on and I am already afraid to fly. They turned off the power to the plane including that life saving air blower above and all of the babies in the entire galaxy started crying. And this guy farts. This guy with no couth. This guy with a belly full of Taco Bell in a plane without air for the face and babies screaming.

The flight went well once it got in the air. Caeden was so worried and ended up loving the flight.

We landed and despite our best efforts to make the quick exit from the airport, we bickered with each other instead over many, many failed directions. Got a car, checked into the hotel, which is nice and inexpensive. Then we ventured to downtown Disney for dinner and walked around while listening to the kids whine about their legs hurting and they were too tired. We left and headed to Walmart, the only grocery store within 20 miles as told to me by my computerized female voice on the GPS. The only thing I hate more than Walmart by my house is the Walmart I went to in Florida. It is here that they get most of the pictures from

We're gonna go to bed now because we have an awesome day in front of us that cannot be ruined by frustration.


Thanks for reading. - Z