Monday, August 22, 2011

Day Four

Day four was a lesson in patience with traffic. Got up a little later than usual due to the exhausting day we had yesterday. Laura got up and got us a breakfast and brought it up so we could sleep through a little. Today was hot again. I cannot understand how anyone sees this heat as something desirable. It is miserable outside night and day. You always feel gross, even just after a shower.

We went to the outlet malls to look around and fought traffic and fought this confounded GPS which knows nothing at all about Florida. It takes 20 minutes to travel 7 miles. I know people who can almost run that distance that fast. The lights are long, the traffic is heavy, and everyone is from out of state which means there are thousands of clueless people meandering just like me.

Had trouble with the safe in the room today. I or Laura put the computer in sideways and the door looked as though it shut, but it would not lock. We called down because we wanted to lock up our valuables (not many really) so we could leave for the day. After 25 minutes, we called again, still on his way, then after another 20, we called again as the guy came wrapping at our door. I opened the door..."Deedent you hear me wrapping, wrap wrap wrap-a-roo" he actually said none of that, but that's how he would have sounded if he did. He came in. Took off the front of the safe. Looked at it. Put it back on. Asked us to turn the computer around. Shut the safe and locked it without incident. We had to apologize.

Ate at Quizno's, went putt putt at Pirates Cove, sat in the pool, I worked on a song, and ate at Sweet Tomatoes. Not at all in that order. It was a nice, relaxing day.

Aevry calls Mexicans, Mecisans. She also says her legs look like two wands.


Thanks for reading. - Z