Saturday, August 13, 2011


I hate to imagine a world without my phone. I hate to imagine a life without technology. Why? I have no idea at all. I don't get calls and when I do I hang up abruptly because I hate talking on the phone. I get texts sometimes, but it is work to return them, so I avoid it unless I am interested. Which is also what everyone else does... judging from my dismal activity on returned texts. But imagine the world where you had only your own hands to play with and not your Facebook page or instant message. What would it really be like to be completely bored. To sit and wait with nothing to do but stare at the person in front of you? I think there would be more real friendships. I think people would meet face to face again and spill themselves out to a stranger when their eyes match their words, because most people cannot lie with both, only their words. We would maybe love people again. Instead we love data.

What is data? It is numbers. A series of numbers which represent a series of symbols or whatever the matrix is made of. It's guts are sterile. So we reject the blood rushing through the veins of those across from us to manage our data lives filled with numbers that mean words that are supposed to mean our hearts? People have spoken to me and I have been looking at my phone, more interested in what numbers have to say than a real live human being. I might as well live in a world of nothing but robots programmed to assimilate with the other robots.

I love to write things down. I love to share. But I think sometimes these things get in the way of what I love to do most...sit in front of another human being and connect. Connecting with a person is nothing like connecting with a computer or and internet is more complex. It takes trust, compassion, a genuine interest, and a heart to understand someone other than the self. If you aren't genuine, a real person can sense it immediately and you become acquaintances, not friends. You get a piece of the border of the puzzle...the part that has no depth or definition. I think God wants us to want the good parts. The parts that make the puzzle make sense.

I am gonna try to stop relying so much on data and rely more on my blood and instincts and focus on the person in front of me.


Thanks for reading...Z