Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another Side of Me

Mine is the one pissing off the golden one.

My last few blogs have been very heavy. Some very hard for me to articulate. So I am going to write some light-hearted ones. I am not always what I appear to be. Maybe I have been dishonest on this blog. I am only portraying one part of me. The part people do not see. There is more. I laugh. I laugh a lot. I joke about everything. I am loud and refuse to go unnoticed. Maybe this is the person you remember most. I do this because it is genuine. I have learned to laugh, because laughter is a very pure and healthy thing.

Today I will write about my dog.

Her name is Snookie. Named after the popular television icon that attracts only those that love garbage. Like me. She is adequately named as she has produced so much anger and frustration in our home. She has eaten everything. She eats and nips at people's hands and is always in front of our feet when we are trying to walk in our small house. I was just talking to Laura about insurance companies needing to add dogs to their existing coverage.

I had dogs growing up. I had Deacon, a Cocker Spaniel that bit children's entire cheeks off. And we had Nipper, another Spaniel that had epilepsy and would get to enjoy a grand mall seizure every time he got excited. Deacon hated Nipper and kept attacking him, sending him into grand mall seizures, so we got rid of him. Deacon kept attacking everyone else, so we got rid of him too. I was crushed. I loved Deacon and remember crying at the top of my lungs so my mom could hear it and maybe reconsider getting rid of him. She didn't reconsider for good reason and Deacon was given away, then given away again. I heard he got epilepsy too. But that was the last thing I heard about him. He probably got put to sleep or shot in someones back yard.

I hated dogs for many years after. Here is a list of things I hate about dogs:
1. I hate when they drag their butts across the floor to satisfy some gross anal itch.
2. I hate when they sneeze or whatever they are doing in your face while you are sleeping.
3. I hate when they eat your favorite clothes.
4. I hate when they touch their cold, wet noses to your skin.
5. I HATE cleaning up their poop, especially when the season turns from cold to warm.

The things I love?....
1. When they lay their heads on you to be near to you.
2. When they play with their toys on your lap.
3. When they growl at anyone getting too close to your kids, their perceived family.
4. When they believe they are one of your children.

So I love dogs now. Who would have thunk it? With all of the complaining I have done about them. With all of the negative things I said about them, I now love them again. At least one of them.


Thanks for reading...Z