Saturday, July 16, 2011


Lion- Blahhhah Darrdd blak
Seal- Ort

If only language were so easy. Just say whatever you want and the other will read your body language and understand to get out or go to sleep. Unfortunately, the subtleties of body language is lost on most people. For most people they need to hear the words..."I'm gonna eat you or just shut up and go to sleep and leave me alone." The thing in our culture that get's lost in language is our actual faces. With media being the top way people communicate outside of work and school, people get used to seeing the picture of a guy sitting on a boat with a fish dangling in front of him or a girl giving a duck face in whatever God forsaken bar they have decided to frequent, followed by a short 120 character message of where they are or how they feel at that given moment. It is a weird thing. Not sure Mark Zuckerberg wanted to ruin all verbal communication....or did he.

People say things over these lights that are devoid of humanity. It's like they are actually speaking to the numbers that form themselves into pictures and emotions built inside of flesh and blood. People forget about the destination of their keystrokes. Hearts. They go directly to hearts. And break them. Sometimes lift them. But mostly disregarded by the sender.

I miss the days when I would hang up the phone and insist on meeting face to face. I have always hated talking on the phone. I hated it because you don't get to look that person eye to eye and connect as two real people. I admit I have been seduced by the age of technology and have taken the easy route because it is so much easier and less time consuming. But isn't our time best spent with other people? Isn't sharing our lives meant to be done with a cheeseburger in hand glancing down the barrel of your Coke at a real live person? I think it is humanity that is getting lost in the communication. We have improved in our eloquency of words and drunk on our own witty 120 character humor, but we have forgotten about people being real...just like you are when you lay in your bed and find a way to go to sleep. I think people deserve more. I think that while technology has it's positive place in the universe, it's place is not to substitute real connection.

Let's all work on that together. Let's work on face to face, eye to eye relationships.

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