Sunday, June 12, 2011

These Pictures of You

And somehow, we forget about our own past. Like it was some story our mothers told to us that could never really be true, just some fable meant to lead us in the right direction.

Cell phones have made those clear picture wallet inserts obsolete. They don't make them anymore. Some guy somewhere is sitting on the curb in Delaware eating scraps and dwelling on his anger that some digital piece of machinery has taken his job. I think the concept is the same between the two. Looking backwards at who you once were, maybe before your children became adults or your grandma got sick. Photos are the very thing to save in a fire. Pictures are validation of our faulty memories...little signposts to lead your to where you have already been. I think that is why we treasure them so much. Given the choice, I still believe most people would choose their family photos over their safe full of money. I may be wrong on that, but I would. I would give ay possession to keep these little pictures that stimulate my brain to bring me back to that place the picture was taken. These tings have no price. They are a record of what life was to us.


Thanks for reading...Z