Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rockstar in Review

What have we learned about the Rockstar? He is shy and quiet and does not like to share stories. He did not succumb to an ant bite. He is not in the process of tricking out his super manly 15 passenger van. He is a staunch racist. He values being forced to raise your hands to worship. He teaches the class on how to speak in tongues. He makes very good first impressions with rich people as do I. He is fluent in Russian. He would never place his butt cheeks on a window after being pantsed. He is absolutely no fun at all and was a terrible guest. The worst to have ever darkened our doorstep.

Or he is the opposite of all those things and it was great to share the evening with a brother from across the green grass. Courtney is next.


Thanks for reading...Z