Sunday, May 29, 2011


I wish I could remember the tantrums I used to pull when I was a kid. From my mom's stories, they seemed pretty staggering. I do remember one that I had during church. I was crying for some dumb reason, probably because I hated church and wanted to leave. My mom used to threaten the spanking when I was acting like an imbecile, but usually the threat was enough. Not this time. I was obviously pissed off about the guy shouting at me from the podium and could not take it any longer. She took me to the bathroom and reluctantly gave me the "What have you." But while she got her workout I thought something brilliant. This would be the ultimate "Got you sucka." I didn't even think about it, I just screamed "HELP!" As loud as I could toward the bathroom door. I wanted them to think I was being beaten for no reason. In my head, I saw them nodding their heads in shame at my mom as she shrunk lower and lower in shame. Instead on my way out of the bathroom, with tears in my eyes, I watched them nod with excitement and recognition at my mom. As if to say, "Nice one, you actually got him to cry for help." It was the 80's, don't judge. Of course I needed no help, I needed to stop being a jerk in church. I needed to stop making it hard on my mom to raise us in the right environment. But that is me. I will make nothing easier for you.

Sometimes I still have tantrums. I still have my moments of overreacting to something and someone else has to come along and say, "Hey man, let's hug it out." It isn't the loud ones that end my rage, it's the quiet ones who don't usually say much. They say the very thing I cannot argue with and make me feel like a dumb kid that just threw a tantrum for nothing.

A few months ago, I was doing something I was supposed to be doing and I was questioned by a person that had no idea what she was talking about. I picked my son up from school and went to this place and did what I was supposed to be doing while my kid played with all of the cool things there. When on my way out to put something in my car, this person who had no idea what she was talking about approached me and accused me of doing something she knew nothing about. I got really mad. I proved to her that I was right and she was wrong empirically. I got into my car and drove off to my house. About three quarters from my home as I was patting myself on the back for being so awesome and owning this ignorant women, I realized it was awfully quiet in the back seat. I took a quick look. Then another. CRAP!!!!!! I did leave my oldest son at that place where that ignorant women was. I had to go back. Knock on the door. Go in. And try to covertly explain how I had left my oldest son there.

I had a tantrum. That's how I left my son there.........Humbling.


Thanks for reading...Z