Monday, May 30, 2011


How would a person fare in this world if they told the truth 100% of the time? No sugar coating, no flattery, just the truth. It doesn't mean he speaks without tact or love, but just tells the truth all the time. I don't think that person would be very popular to be around. I think people like to be lied to. Not just the big things like, am I ugly, or am I stupid, but the little things like some random story that never really happened. The Bible says people loved darkness rather than the truth. It also tells us to buy the truth and do not sell it. I think that is the heart of the problem with us. Many of us have sold the truth and have bought this fluffy and apologetic version of it.

Many would feel uncomfortable around a person that never lied. They somehow wouldn't trust him. They wouldn't trust him because they have never met a person that doesn't lie. This person would be invader to our normal way of ignorance and bliss. Really honest people lie in the subtle ways. They lie with their eyes when they feel it necessary to save the other person's heart from breaking. Really dishonest people lie with every breath they take. Their entire existence can be a lie. Both are no where near the truth. Isn't that disheartening? To actually want to be lied to? Is it less of a lie if the person tells it with good intentions? Do you want them to lie to you if they are doing so with a good heart? Temporarily, I say yes, because it may save me hours of agony. Eternally, I say no, as it can cause decades of bitterness and hatred. Did Jesus ever lie to save a person's feelings? No. He called out his best friends for allowing the devil to speak through them when He directly said to them to "Get behind me Satan." for simply trying to comfort Him and tell Him they weren't going to let anything bad happen to Him. It didn't seem as though Jesus valued anything that wasn't true.

I think I am going to try harder to never, ever lie. To tell the entire truth....IN LOVE....whenever asked anything. It is important to note that this doesn't mean you need to open your flap every single time you have an opinion. Try telling the truth when asked. This is a good start I think.

This is the project of humanity to bring the truth to everyone's eyes.


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