Saturday, April 9, 2011

Security Blankets

In a boat in the middle of the ocean. No one around...just me floating to the rhythm of the wind and tide. This is what gets me to sleep.

I used to use a metronome. Then I slept in the bathtub. Then I slept in my car. All comforting enough to get me to sleep. Something about some of those unstable and potential dangerous things made me feel safe. I could not be reached in the middle of the ocean in a storm. I would not be found sleeping in the one sleeps there because it hurts your back, head, pelvis, neck, and face (depending on the position you choose).

These things are comfort measures. Things that help us cope with life as we fear it. We all have them. We develop them to survive. Some scientists say that these are the only things that keep us alive. I disagree. God beats our hearts and squeezes our lungs like an accordion. However, I do believe these survival tactics have their place.

Kids hold a teddy bear or a favorite blanket. Will had a silk jacket he wore as a kid. Some kids have their thumb. Some people have cigarettes. Some have mezmorizing beverages. I have my heater and the window. These things rarely ever go away. Some of them we learn to let go of, like thumb sucking and blankets and some don't. Some are destructive and some only we know about. They make us less lonely.

I want to know yours.

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