Sunday, April 3, 2011

Getting Comfortable

Things should never fall apart.We get our hopes up and when that happens, we allow ourselves to believe that something really great can happen. We allow ourselves to breathe again because we are with people we can trust.

Then they fail at being the Utopian person you wanted them to be and we are crushed. Thoroughly crushed. 

Who is this person I put so far above me? Are they even real? I say no. If you have placed them above you, I say no. We all sin just the same and are forgiven just the same. God came and made it finally an even playing field. You don't have to be the best of the best in Bible understanding to be His prodigy. You don't have to recite the Old Testament to be the object of His affection. You only have to submit to him. Relax and let go of who your ego wants you to be. I am not asking you to be willing to share or be "Transparent..." I am asking you to be real with God and yourself. Step aside from who you normally are and lay your cards out at His feet. You may just have deuces. You may have high Kings, or you may have nothing. God is the gamble. God wins. God isn't some entity. God is the driving force of life. I want you to know that. I do not write to Christians. It may seem so because some Christians agree with me. Christians have church. I have me and God. I write to you, whether you know The Savior or not, my eyes are fix to you... the reader, whether in full understanding of the significance of Christ's coming or not, things fall apart. People get fatally hurt. They lose hope and walk away from everything that has always sustained them...Because the answer wasn't what they expected.

Pick your head up. Open your eyes. We are in battle. We cannot afford to get comfortable. God is still here. God is still watching. God is still sitting among us pouring out His justice.


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