Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sit and Wait

Things happen really quickly. Keeping pace can be harder than ever imagined when our pace was playground games and mathematics. Keeping pace in the really real world is a much different thing. There are so many instances in which I lose my bearings like some kid navigating the woods. Everywhere you look is just trees that leave no landmarks or clues of the way home. A kid will usually sit down and cry until something in their bones tells them to dry it up, rise and find your way back home. I think the crying out is what precipitates the strength to walk out of those woods. Grown ups just aren't that easy. We have learned somehow that pushing ahead and solving things is the key to finding that road that leads us back home. But when you are lost, the further you walk, the harder it becomes to find your way.

Sit down. Get your bearings. Cry for help. God responds even if His answer is nowhere near where you wanted it to be. It is the only way to get home.

You find yourself doing things you didn't think was in your heart to do. Shameful things. Embarrassing things. You walk further away the more shame you feel. The further you get from God, the further you go beyond what your innocent heart could stomach. Then wind up this monster that doesn't remember at all what is was like to be sitting at his Creators feet playing with Legos. But if we could only find the courage and humility to sit down and cry for help. Stop moving. Stop running away. We could be found. Not by God, He always knows where we are, but by that kid that played on that schoolyard.

May God's love rest on you tonight. May you find who it is God meant you to be.


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