Tuesday, February 8, 2011


What do you take pride in? Pride isn't always such a bad thing. I think the Bible does teach a pride that is good.

It isn't the kind where you won't ask for help when you know you desperately need it. It isn't when you refuse to admit defeat or blame when you are obviously beaten or guilty.

It is doing everything as if unto God. The Amish take this to heart. It is a creed. Go to Shipshewana (spelling?). It is there that you will find quality never found at Art Van. They don't chince. They do it for God. This is the good pride. A drive to be everything God made you to be for His glory. This pride exists even when others aren't around. It is integritous.

Pride is taking care of everything that God has entrusted to you. Pride isn't kicking the dog when you are mad at the world. It isn't throwing that gum wrapper or paper cup on the ground. It isn't flippantly living around people with as little contact as possible. Pride is doing everything for the glory of God as He is watching.

Detroit is made fun of a lot. People there have given up in so many ways which is why it looks so bad and there are no students in the schools. But what if people started caring? Taking pride in their homes and schools and work? Everything would change.


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