Monday, February 21, 2011

Here in Michigan

Bring the snow. Dump it all over Michigan right after a spring-like spell. I don't mind. I never did. I always loved the change.  People move from Michigan to escape the weather, I live here because of it. It is spontaneous. You never really know what you are waking up to. You actually have to stick your toe out the door to tell if you can where your Chuck's or boots. The weather here is a direct reflection of life. You can never count on anything being automatic. Things are always changing and finding new ways to survive.

I find new ways to survive. A lot has been thrown at me. I have walked for the better portion of my life against the blowing snow. I really don't know any other way and I bet that God doesn't want me too anyway. Change gives me a reason to fight. I see a hill and get discouraged, but something happens in my heart. God does something and I begin to toss and turn, then wake up. I do believe in Philippians 4:13. I believe it because I have seen it.

Understand that I am not boasting on anything but what God has pushed and fought me through. I will never take credit for anything He has done. I write this only because I have experienced things that have proven that God brings us through everything. Nothing is impossible with Him. Many of you reading this right now are facing hills that are steep and tempt you to lie down at their feet and close your eyes forever. Even when odds are impossible, God is still smiling. God is God because He is God and that is the only way I can describe Him. We may feel defeated, but we aren't. We need to fight. Grab that inner burning and get to your feet because God is faithful and alive.

I have laid down on the grass so many times. I have smelt death right under my nose. I have fallen into piles of ash. In every circumstance, God has risen me. Every single time.


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