Monday, February 14, 2011


Today my pastor made a really interesting point. Many people when faced with calamity make the statement: "All we can do now is pray." I have said that before. To my eternal shame, I have said that and meant it. That really sucks. It sucks because I should know that it is only God and our asking that gets anything good done at all. It's like after I have exhausted all of my skills and options, then I go to God? Sad. The going to God should be the first, middle, and last option.

It has made me realize. I have been treating God like crap. I have refused to surrender.

I think this is a common issue with humans. I think we often would rather face things head on with our "Wits" and forget about trusting anyone, especially someone we can't even see. This isn't faith at all. To our failure, this is lunacy. To shut out the only thing that has the power to change everything is beyond absurd.

Planting your face to the ground is submission. We can take a note from the Muslims who plant their faces on the ground to their object of worship daily. I wish I could say that even with freedom, I plant my face to the ground daily. God should never be the last resort. He is our number one and only option. He is all we have. He is our very being. Why would we ever want to hide our faces from Him? Because we are proud. I am proud. Sometimes, I have had enough of His way and want to take control for a bit. It is at that very moment in my mind that I lose. I am not sufficient and neither are you. We have faith and pray because we need something beyond our understanding of reality. We need God. Christ. The very flame the world tries so hard to stomp out. We need Him more than the air we breathe or the water that flows in our veins. We need God. The world needs God.


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