Thursday, January 27, 2011


Psa. 4:4 In your anger do not sin; when you are on your beds, search your hearts and be silent.

Some people rub you the wrong way. There are people that will not rest until they have gotten the best of you. Then they retreat smiling, knowing that they got what they wanted, whatever the means.

It is really hard to hold your tongue. The Bible teaches us that the tongue is the hardest thing to tame. A doubled edged sword. It is true. One of the most obvious truths to observe in fact. Some people are starving for attention and it doesn't really matter whether it is positive or negative attention and they will do or say anything to get it.

The world reacts. The world exhibits it's wrath upon them. In the end, they got what they wanted. But isn't a rod fit for the back of a fool? A fool has a cunning way of making others look like fools too, even if they aren't. Vengeance is God's. He is the one with the rod, not us. We are called to a righteous lifestyle, though we are not righteous. We are called to follow Christ through the thorns. When we react to foolishness and throw our pearls to swine, we do not glorify the God that desires His glory, not vengeance to shine through us.

I am guilty of of my own wrath often. I have let people push me and push me and I bite my tongue and pray to God for a peaceful heart and graceful spirit. God reigns in me more often than not in this particular issue now days, but there are times that I retread. Open my mouth and say things that do not need to be said in anger or at all.

The things we say may be 100% true, but saying them doesn't make us 100% right. Saying them in anger makes us 100% wrong. This is wrath. Wrath that belongs to God. It is easy to let another person drag you down to where they are mentally or even spiritually if you let them.

In my experience, shame is the demise of the wicked. They speak and only condemning words are spoken. They sink their own ship, they don't need our help. Love is burning coals on their heads.


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