Sunday, December 19, 2010

What Is Life

What is life? I know the answer in the Biblical sense I think and that is simply, to glorify God. The getting to that part is the hardest thing God could have ever asked us to do. Except He didn't ask us, He told us, because he has that right. He is the Maker of everything. But practically. Right here. Right  now. What is life?

Every day I open my eyes. This is something a living person usually cannot avoid. I blink a few times and lay there if to trick my body into believing I am still sleeping. I look at the wall and up at the window as the sun pours through like fire in a wheat field. Most mornings I can do without that. I think about things. Not ordinary things like what I have to accomplish today or how I am going to meet goals; but strange things like how I am going to get up and brush my teeth, get dressed, and eat something without getting up one second too early to make it on time to wherever.

Some days are passionate. You can go all day on this adrenaline feeling of love and mission. Others you are lucky to feel anything at all. Understand that this blog is not a cry for help, so really, I am Ok! It is a description of normal feelings had by a person sitting in a boat in the middle of the ocean alone at times and flying over the entire world others. I told you I struggle with depression, but not without hope. Hope is life in real life I think. Hope is the difference between the living and the walking dead. There is always tomorrow and the sun may not seem so bad then. If it does, there is always Heaven. Hope is the thing that saves lives. Hope is what God wanted us to understand when He came down and laid down in the straw, just like us. He wanted us to know, He would suffer worse, yet stand tall, praying through bloody tears for help and strength. If Jesus, the very Son of God had to live through it, so do we. We are able because the same God that gave Jesus the power to rise up from the dead, is the God that wipes away our tears when we have been broken.

I know that there are some out there that don't understand me. Some that do not have the same experience of life as I do and can't see it through my eyes. I do realize that in many ways I am abnormal. But the thing that brings me so much comfort is that God made me this way. God allowed so much to make me who He wants me to be, which is so far from where I am, but hope means believing you will get there. Never while breathing, but one day.


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