Friday, November 19, 2010

Speaking Truth

What do you really mean? When you say things that have been jumping around in your head for so long, when they come out in many different ways, they are hard to understand. It takes a real guru to interpret what others are trying to say when they are saying them in their own language.

We don't all speak the same language. If I have offended you, tell me in the most direct language you can so I can understand what you are saying. If you tell me you are appalled at my candor, I interpret that as ....What?!? My bravado? My loud voice? My brash tendency to say things? My lack of tact? I don't know what you want and neither do others.

Say what you mean? Say it clearly.

The problem is that no one likes a confrontation because we don't like others not liking us. Valid point. People do dislike people that speak the truth. But if you don't speak the truth in an understandable manner, that truth will never be known to the audience you wish to reach.

I would rather a person tell me that I need to work on my delivery when speaking to others than a person that tells me I am ignorant without any real insight or direction.

The moral of the story is...Tell me what is on your mind completely and don't leave anything out. Even if the truth hurts, it is still truth. God uses the truth.


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