Thursday, November 18, 2010


It is easy to fall off. Life doesn't meet you anywhere. Most of us have to work for everything and it gets tiring. If you don't have to work for it, it doesn't mean much to us.

The same can be said of our faith. Christ did the work of redemption. It is final. Christ and Christ alone paid for sins, however, a life lived without working in your faith isn't really faith at all. It is just a hunch. A hunch isn't going to do anyone any good. A hunch isn't what Jesus had in mind when He said to take up your cross and follow me. He was speaking of a life-long and every fiber of who you are kind of commitment. That cross was the instrument of His death and our redemption. Taking up that cross means dying to ourselves. This is where people fall off. People like me. It isn't easy to die to leave our plans behind if He asks us to. It isn't easy to watch the things you have dreamed of since you were a kid slip right through your fingers like water through cupped hands. We can't always see something better in our future, we can only mourn our losses.

I think this is where I often get caught up. I feel like a failure because I am not accomplishing the things I had hoped to accomplish by now and in the process I forget that God still has plans for me. What waits behind the door is wonderful and perfect, even if I try to ruin it.

Ray LaMontague sings this song that says, "All my heroes have gone to Heaven." That is a real shame. I pray I have not stopped looking for heroes here and now. If I have, I am beaten. God always sends us people. The right people. The ones that will tell you point blank to your face that you are messing up and say it with love and gentleness, or even without gentleness. People who are willing to call you out are heroes. Because we need a reality check sometimes to get our heads screwed back on forwards.


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