Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Sound Of Silence

The experience of waking up is different when it's dark out. I don't want to drag myself out of bed. I have the fan going, the window open, the peaceful music playing. Life in bed at 6 AM is beautiful, especially when you wake up for a few moments to experience it.

I step out into a quiet dark sky. The wind is blowing hard this morning and there is a bite in the air. I leave for school a little early, so I can sit in my car and think for a bit. I hate that life is so fast these days. I want the quiet back. In just a few short minutes, the sun will be up and the angery people will be pressing their horns. People will be walking down halls carrying stacks of papers. The phones will be ringing and the night stalkers sleeping. But for now, I will sit in this silence.


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