Monday, October 25, 2010

Sad Stories

Everyone has a sad story. We all live in the same existence. Some in different circumstances, some with less, and some with more. But we all still live in the state of this world. Don't believe me? Look at the suicide statistics. The most common person to commit a suicide is a middle aged, upper class, white man. Is this guy disadvantaged? Most would say no. I don't think the effect of sin has any more effect on the disenfranchised than the white collars that lurk behind desks and are on the verge of  horrific breakdowns. No one has the market cornered on suffering.

Some of us wear where we have been and what we have been through as a badge to testify to our inner strength and perseverance.  We can hold on to that chip on our shoulder for a very long time and drop the gloves to anyone willing to challenge our fight. Others wear them as badges as a testament to the work that Christ has done in them. We hold on to this pretty tight too, mostly because they prove our God to us and validate why we fight so hard. Others don't wear them at all, they just keep bleeding.

I like to do all three. However, the only truth and worth is in option number 2. The others are a reflection of my pride. A reflection I am eager, yet still reluctant to get rid of. Until I do, I will struggle with anger, with regret, with sadness, with impatience, and with pain.


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