Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Name Tags

People come out of the blue. They just keep coming. New people, interesting people, sad people, needy people, courageous people. God sends people our way for many different reasons. Maybe for us to help them, or for them to help us, or both. Or maybe just for relationships. Relationships make unpleasant things workable. I hate school, but I have made pretty good friends that have made it ok to be there so dumb much. Originally, when I started going to church, it was the relationships I was attracted to, not the programs. I think that is why most people attract to others, because of the innate desire for intimate friendships. By intimate, I do not mean sexual, I mean relationships that go deeper than superficial pleasantries.  We call these friendships our most valuable, because there is trust and we can let down our guards and relax our insecurities.

I just happen to be the kind of person that tries to force these deep relationships on people by not accepting superficial banter and asking personal questions. I ask because I care. I don't want to walk away from a person without them knowing what I am about. I have always shied away from surface level things. If I think you are not being real with me, I will probe you and try to get to the bottom of who you are by recognizing who you are trying to be. I am not clever at it, but I do have success sometimes.

When I meet you, I don't want to talk for very long about your job or your car. I want to know about your greatest fears and your alcoholism. I want to know what you have been through because I believe all people are going somewhere and I want to be a part of them going to a good place. I want to be used by God in all situations.

The thing is: I may forget your name a half dozen times. But I will not forget anything you have shared from your heart. I forget names in part because I don't value remembering your current label or name tag. I care more about what is going on inside.


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