Saturday, October 2, 2010


What is it that makes a person rise up with the dirt from the ground falling from their face and look up to the stars and continue dreaming?  I say these ARE the things that make us rise from the dirt. Many have no idea that they are blessed so much that they have received minor struggles. Others have no idea that they have been given even more by being drug through the fires of hell. These times make us what we are today and tomorrow. Even if today, you suffer, there is tomorrow, and who knows but God what tomorrow will bring?

There was a time that I thought there was no hope.

There was a time, I thought what I had seen would be what I would forever see.

There was a time when I stared at the door of life and decided to open it and jump right off into the abyss that showed me nothing but darkness.

Then there was the time that my God saved me. Gave me everything I needed, and not much of what I wanted, until my needs became my wants.

God is good. If there is a theme to these ramblings some people call blogs, this should be it. I hurt so bad. Sometimes I wonder if I can take another moment of it. But I will tell anyone who will listen how good God is. I am alive and hopeful because and only because of how great God is. Literally, everything good in me, is because of Him and only Him. I have nothing, and never was anything outside of Him. So if you compliment me on something and I say thank you, that means thank you to my God that has given all good things to me without limit.


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