Monday, October 18, 2010

Bad Guys

What is your definition of a bad person? Do angels grieve their deaths? Is the same God present in their lives the way He is present in ours?

Being a bad person is so subjective, yet so well defined in our own minds. A guy rapes someone. That person in most people's minds is a bad person. A kid tells a lie to his mother. Not such a bad person, boys will be boys, or at least that is what Jesus always said. Right? No? Ok.

Is anyone really bad in their own minds? Does the rapist think he has no hope or good in him at all. Does the one who lies believe that they are a good person. When we see someone who seems evil to us, we generally label them evil and maybe that isn't so wrong, maybe they are. In the same breath, we might see someone who is sacrificing for others and tell ourselves, "That guy is a good guy." Maybe he is, but maybe he really isn't.

The Bible says there is no one who does good, not even one. In reality, I don't believe any of us are good, that is why we need a Savior so bad. However, as evil as we can be, God gives us this gift redeemable upon belief which makes us perfect in His eyes.

This concept has always troubled me. Not because I don't believe it, because I do, but because it goes against the human concept of fairness. You get what you pay for and reap what you sow in our culture. A guy kills a whole family of people in cold blood, he automatically should go to hell many would say. No chance at redemption. Jesus does the opposite. He dies for that person. Unbelievable. But so good.


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