Monday, September 13, 2010

A Momentary Lapse in Congestion

I like to sit in public places with headphones on. I can look around at all of the different people, saying and doing different things. I love that I have no idea what their lives are like. It is a reminder that human life is precious and important. That every person should be valued.

Have you ever said something stupid or judgmental in front of a person, who in fact met the criteria of the stupid or judgmental thing you said? You probably had no idea. Maybe you made a comment about people giving up on marriage in front of a previously divorced person. Or said something terrible about a person who aborts a baby in front of a person who has aborted a baby. I have said some dumb things in my time. In fact, I will probably and probably just did. I have done it in my blog and I have done it in my conversations. To that person you offended, they somehow became the exception to the rule right? Present company excluded? Maybe everyone deserves the benefit of being the exception to the rule. Not that all actions are acceptable, but that all people have the right to dignity and love. The right not to be judged as something or someone they may not represent.

Right now, there is a girl studying who hasn't lifted her head from the book since I got here. I can relate to that. Maybe she is studying nuclear physics or home economics. There is a guy that is at least 30 years my senior playing something of his iPhone. I think he is probably playing a retro game app of astroids.  There is a guy reading the paper, probably retired, who has not come off of the first page of the paper and it has been an hour. His coffee continues to steam...Oh, he just turned the page, good for him! There is a woman holding her baby, who is quite chubby and cute, (The baby that is) waiting for her husband to get back with their food. I think that kid might be an offensive lineman one day. There is a pile of elderly ladies talking about Lord knows what very animated with each other. I think they are talking about the sale on fake flowers going on at Kohl's.

Try it sometime. You get a revived feeling of humanity.


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