Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It Is What Separates Us From Other Mammals

Everyone has a different story. It is what makes us different from the next person. Most of us were born with chromosomes and DNA similar to everyone else's. Most of us were born with all of the predictable parts, fingers, toes, some have deviations like an extra toe or nipple, but we love them too.

I like to read people's thoughts and experiences. I like to feel what they are feeling, especially if it is vastly different than what I feel. I am fascinated with people that have been blessed with lives that are tremendously normal. I would really like to know what normalcy feels like I think. But only for a minute, because I like what God has brought me through. I don't like some of the collateral damage, but I like that I have been through so much and God's glory still lifts me off of those sheets every morning. I still breathe His breath when I step outside into the chilly dark morning. I am in love with things no one notices. I like to sit and stare at the transformer box that hangs outside of my bedroom window. The birds have a home there with the squirrels. I like to watch planes fly above me and people laughing in cars next to me about something I can only imagine. They have stories too. They have seen things I haven't seen, like the ocean for example. I like it when someone in traffic flips me off sometimes, because it is funny. It isn't right and it shouldn't be done to anyone, but the thought that putting up a finger means something so terrible makes me laugh silly laughs all the colors of the rainbow. I like huge sweaters, and hats. I have a wonderful collection of hats no one but me would wear. I like to fish, but don't really like catching a fish. I actually like to catch it, but I could do without getting that stink on my hands for the rest of my time fishing and throughout the day. I like to fart as loud as I can  in crowded elevators and pretend I didn't hear anything and just look straight forward. Before I was married, and in high school, I used to run up to girls and kiss them in front of their boyfriends and then run. I like these things because of my experiences. You like different things because of the different things that you have seen.

I want to ask you to answer this question in the comment box. What does it mean to be human?


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