Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cool or Not?

I was thinking about last night's post today. What makes a dork a dork? What makes something cool? It is all so subjective. Who is the guy who sit in a big office with a cool and uncool stamp looking at things and stamping them with his judicial verdict? It bothers me that I have never met The Man that makes things cool. I feel like such a follower. So instead of fretting over it, I will do something about it.

From now on...I am the one who makes things cool or uncool. So to start it off, I will reinstate some things that used to be cool and faded away into dorkness. It really is sad when you think about it. Usually people stop progressing cool-wise 1 year after college, then all of those cool things find their way into some dump somewhere. Like my old Doc Martin's. They are buried under ground somewhere as if they never sat comfortably on my feet. If these things had feelings, this would be a dreadful existence. So here goes.

Things I am reinstating to be cool again:

Doc Martin's of course.
Used Jeans by Elie
Slap bracelets
Starter coats
Stadia sneakers
Marvin the Martian
The word rad
Lick'm Sticks
Chicko sticks
Maxwell House coffee
Breaking and Entering
Sleeping in conversion vans

New cool things:
Paper plate masks
Counting down from 13
A really hairy chest
Bear skin carpets, not rugs, but entire carpets
Chopping off your little toe
Getting into the coffin with the deceased at funerals
Bill Knapps
Pretending like you just did a line of cocaine every time you come into a room
Following police officers
Always...Always acting like you don't know what people are talking about

Give me suggestions in the comment box and I will tell you whether it is cool or not and why.


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