Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Smarty Pants

Do you ever get tired of listening to your own voice? Sometimes when I am talking, in my head I am telling myself to shut up already. It has been like that this past several days. I just get sick of running my mouth. It makes me mad when I think my words are coming off preachy or pretentious. I don't mean to be. So let's get some things straight before I write again.

1. I don't think I know everything. In fact I don't think I know much of anything.
2. I am opinionated, but I recognize that I can be wrong. However, I sell out to things. If I believe it, I believe it with everything in me. Tearing that reality from me is like tearing food from the fists of a bear. I talk a lot of crap, but I am aware that I may be wrong about things.
3. I try to write in a way that people don't get confused about my tone. I want you to picture the look on my face while I am writing as if I were talking to you. So I get overly descriptive. This sometimes sounds pretentious. But there is nothing worse than being misunderstood because a person can't see the love in your eyes.
4. I use extremes and exaggerate words a lot. I just did it in number 3. "there is nothing worse than being misunderstood." There are many things worse than being misunderstood. I get that, but I said it anyway and I don't know why. A movie is great or it sucks. A song is my favorite or it is terrible. It's just the way I am because I think exaggeration is funny. But it does lend itself to more misunderstanding of me. There is a certain type of person that does not like me from the start and it takes sometimes years for me to chip away at them. I don't know why this is the case, I can't pinpoint what I have done to them, but I think these 4 concepts I have shared with you may have something to do with it.
5. Oh yeah, and I am extremely loud. This may be why I get tired of hearing myself talk which means others really get sick of it. I will screw up your ear drums if you spend too much time with me.

Also, I don't intend to change any one of these 5 things.


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