Thursday, August 12, 2010

Paid To Smile

 Just look away and smile. That is usually my advice when dealing with things you cannot control pushing against you. People get paid to smile. Waitresses, bank tellers, DMV workers (or not), exotic dancers, lawyers, health care professionals, pastors, and just about every other profession that has to deal with the public. Except telemarketers, they don't have to smile. Why? Because people want to be treated like their presence is desired. They want validation of themselves and worthy of another's time and effort. If we were to frown at them, they would take that as displeasure that they are standing in front of us. So even when they are being difficult, we smile, or at least we should. Because what is the point in moping around right? What is the point of wearing your feelings on your face all the time. This is why I think mind reading would be a miserable super power. You would find out too much about what that person thinks about you. If we wear our feelings on our faces, we tell others things that are not going to help them enjoy life and see Christ.

I am not an advocate of fake. I hate fake. I became a master at it, but I always hated it. But holding back things that destroy is not being fake. Smiling when nothing is in your control is realizing that God still is in control. We smile because God works things out for those that love Him. If someone is against you, God will not let you be destroyed.

I think this is why Jesus said to turn the other cheek. Because if someone is going to slap you, you might not see it coming in time to duck, so why not take the slap and give the other cheek too, because greater is He who is in you than in the world. What can man really do to us. Kill us? Ok, that's still good because we have eternity with God, although our kids might be mad. God is huge and works in very mysterious ways. God uses our control for His benefit. He gave it to us, so we can be symbols of the risen Christ. The same God that hung on the cross and prayed for His murderers.

Just smile. Even if you don't get paid, because life is short. We are a mist that appears for a while then vanishes into thin air. What kid of life do you want to leave behind?

Sometimes laughter is all we really have to control. Even when things are terrible and you are in misery. There are still those little things that touch is in a way that can give us an isolated moment of escape. A funny movie, a friend who knows how to change your mood, or music that makes you want to dance.


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