Monday, August 2, 2010


You can stand in church and raise your hands, and it won't mean anything. You can fall on your face in humility and surrender yourself to God helpless before him, and it will be pointless. You can spend most of your day in quality time praying and reading your Bible and it will mean nothing to God. You can surrender your time and money into helping the poor and orphans and it won't even blip on God's radar.

Without love.

Too many Christians are trying to function in a Christian life, doing all of the Christian things; observing all the right holidays, spending their time in worship and prayer, yet treat others harshly with no regard that they are humans.

We are humans, we are not programs.

God put superior importance on loving each other because that is precisely the closest thing to who He really is. The only way we can mimic Him. Without love, there isn't a thing we can do to make God smile. There isn't a thing we can do that will have any meaning at all. We will be just making noise and following impotent dance steps with ourselves. Life is a dance that requires passion, not static cognition of the right moves: That would look like a robot dancing. It takes grace, passion, and most of all love to live a life that has real meaning. It requires compassion, grace, humility, and perseverance.

I have been mistreated a lot throughout the years, some by people I love dearly and serve with all my heart. It has caused anxiety and sadness and hurts every time. But pain and anger doesn't fix anything, it exasperates the problem.

I have been kicked in the teeth this year. I don't have the energy or desire to fight or to let little annoyances eat at me. I am glad of this because I shouldn't have been letting those things get to me anyways. God is for me. I repeat that daily lately when trying to remind myself that opposition has no chance. God works things for my own good because I love Him and try to follow Him faithfully. A loving human being loves other human beings, even when they are being turds.


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