Monday, August 16, 2010

Because Jesus Was Here

And my faith will be my eyes. - Chris Tomlin

It isn't easy to live this way. It takes sometimes, all of your strength to press on in the direction of the current when every dashing wave is pushing you back. It sometimes, maybe even mostly doesn't even make any sense. It takes plenty of falls for someone to realize their eyesight is bad. We don't like to admit it, and we don't like to wear glasses or rely on something other than what is kept in that skeletal ball above our shoulders. So we fall while relying on ourselves to get to the right destination, and we get hurt and so remind ourselves that we are not very sharp in vision and are clumsy in life. But tomorrow is a different day. The sun goes down on our mistakes and our eyes blink open to the sun peeking through the shades and everything is new again. That is the beauty of grace. We don't have to live in yesterdays mistakes, we may have to live with some consequences of those mistakes, but we do not have to hold on to the guilt or terror that they bring. We really can start over.

Eventually, I think we finally learn how to close these eyes and blindly follow a Savior that we have seen faithful our entire lives. I think we do eventually learn to let go and let faith in our God lead us in the path we are supposed to go in. When I say, let faith in God lead us, I do not at all mean that faith is anything mystical at all, but that the God we have the faith in is faithful. We have faith because we understand what it is He sees in us.

He does not see what we see. We see with these same eyes that have failed us over and over again. He sees clearly at who we really are, then He forgives us for that. Erases what we used to be, and makes us new again. We don't have to be what we used to be. When I say used to be, I also mean what you were 5 minutes ago when you messed up. Maybe you lost your temper and lash out at your wife and kids. Said horrible things you don't mean. Maybe you just got off of the computer after falling victim to predator internet sites. Maybe you really thought you couldn't live without that pill or that pipe.  We can go on dancing in public. We can go on singing in joy and living the art that God has made you with. Because Jesus was here.

Every moment of life trusted in Christ is a forgiven moment.


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