Monday, July 19, 2010


One moment can change everything. One moment with God can erase a lifetime of disbelief. One moment of sincerity can replace your entire view of another person. A moment of anger can strip you of your freedom or sink you. A moment of calm can black out all of the noise.

Living life moment to moment without planning is irresponsible. Living life guided strictly by your plans is foolish.

One lie can alter the things you believe. One smile can change a person's entire day. One kind word can save a person's life and one evil one can end it.

One of the problems with living in a busy culture is that, we don't think enough about the moments of the day. The little moments that give you an opportunity to teach. We are teachers. Whether or not you see yourself as one is irrelevant to the truth. We are all teachers. If you say you have Christ and pray for opportunities to be a light to a person in darkness, than it is important to pay attention to what your goal really is. What is the goal? I don't know, you work that out with God. Mine is to make the most of the opportunities I have to be a picture of God to someone else. If that means making them laugh, I will be a clown. If it means weeping and holding a person's hand with them, I will be in mourning. I can't tell you what your goals for each day should be, but I can tell you what they shouldn't be.

Your goal shouldn't be to get through the line as fast as you can and end your interaction with the clerk asap.

Your goal shouldn't be to bypass humanity in search of efficiency. Treating people as objects to be gotten past or tolerated is not a way to show them anything but what they see from everyone else.

A Christian should look different. Not because we need to wear Christian t-shirts or listen to worship music all day, but because our actions and lifestyle matches our faith in Christ. We go out of our way to make our moments worth something.

I wonder how many people I could have positively affected if I were paying attention. I wonder how many clues I have missed. I wonder how many people were coming to me for help or in desperate need and I missed it because I was preoccupied. I do know this...nothing is more important than loving. If we are whales looking to sing with others, than all of the sea life should hear our singing too. Maybe if they do, they follow you to the place they can finally find peace and rest.


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