Saturday, July 10, 2010

Little Window

Sitting in this little story book window, in a place in Michigan I have seldom seen. I am thinking about things. Life has been different lately. Not bad or great, just different. Imagine that reply to the question, "How are you doing?" "I am doing different sir."

You can't adequately describe different with our language because different is something we haven't felt before. It is like trying to describe a taste with your prior experiences of different flavors. I can't tell you what burning tires taste like, but I can tell you what I imagine burning tires taste like by describing their smell. So here goes.

I feel like a star that keeps shining even when it fears it will burn out at any minute. I feel  like a husband who has lost his son, but retained his wife. I feel like the Prodigal Son's father just after the boy asked for his inheritence, but smiles because he knows the outcome because he's been there before. I feel at peace just before a storm comes. I see the dark clouds in the distance, but also see blue skies behind it. However I feel. I know this. God is near.


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