Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dead Spaces

 If you are a hiker you know that in the winter, it is important to heat the dead air spaces between you and the elements. This is achieved mostly by eliminating the escape of hot radiated air from your own body. I have looked into it because one of the things I must do before I die is camp in the winter in hibernating bear country. I want to find their lair and lay down for a nap with them. Just kidding on the nap and lair, but the camping I will do one of these days.

I stepped out into the slightly dark and humid air this morning. I haven't been up this early in some time. It is easy to forget how quiet these times can be. I can see why people prefer to pray in the morning. I prefer the middle of the night. Both are dead air spaces. The spaces between our bodies and the elements. In a an hour or so, the whole world around you will be up, going through daily rituals and scurrying off onto the roads that are teeming with visual vomit. Ads everywhere and people everywhere buying things and selling things. These dead spaces are quiet. They are the rare times you can watch the birds feed their babies without looking over their shoulder. The rabbits are still on the front lawn and the stray cats are still sitting under parked cars. All ready to come out and meet another loud and busy day. The dead spaces are warm when we choose not to let out the heat. When we do, they are ruined and we lose peace. The dead spaces give me the strength to stand back up after my knees have buckled. The world can be heavy and exhausting. But there are times where the hands on the clock seem to stop and everything is still. Like in the Bible when the disciples were afraid of the storm and Jesus being a master manipulator of the elements of God, says, "Peace be still," and the waves cease. I think He still desires to use those powers now when we are in turmoil.


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