Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Origin

There was a time when I thought all I needed was two people. Will and Joe.

The first time I really met them was just after Sunday School at the church we all went to. They invited me to sit with them during the service. They had the greatest games on them. Hand held ones. Things I didn't even know existed. I sat there and marveled at their skills on them. Remember, this is 18 years ago.

I have always spoke loudly. My mother does too, so I can safely bet where that came from. On the upside, the louder your are, the more people can here if you have something good to say. Anyway, I spoke very loudly during service. Jo Ann would keep looking over to me as if to say, "You, little guy, are a very loud boy and will never sit by me again." I still spoke loud throughout the service.

Her and Jim invited my family out to lunch that week to Chinese food. I hated it then. I didn't know yet what I was missing. I ordered a hot dog or something stupid like that and they all took note. What is wrong with this kid? A few years later, they looked at me as a son. I looked at them as family.

We used to smoke on their back porch, peeing on their grass every few minutes. Later, the grass would grow faster than the rest. We would talk about things that mattered to us and didn't mean a thing to the rest of the world. In time all I needed was them.

They would have if asked, stepped in front of a train for me, and I for them. Joe even did. I have always believed, no matter what the circumstance that God had put me in this family, both for me, and for them. I would still step on front of a bus for them.


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